Boost Group expands business in Southern Europe

20-11-2018 | in Коллекционные программы | by Marcello Leonardi

Marcello Leonardi has been appointed as Sales Director Collectibles for Southern Europe at Boost Group. 

Leonardi comes from TLC Marketing Worldwide and has many years of  experience in sales and marketing and an in-depth knowledge of loyalty and kids collectible campaigns. In the past six years he was responsible for more than 100 campaigns in Italy.

"Marcello Leonardi gained a real specialisation in loyalty marketing for food retailers and petrol stations over the years and we are pleased to add him to our team” says Mario Schwegler, CEO of Boost Group. “With his expertise he and his team will develop tailor-made campaigns for our customers in Southern Europe and boost our loyalty opportunities in this region."

Boost Group keeps expanding in Europe because of increasing business opportunies, client request and campaigns. Last month Boost also opened a Russian office. Boost Group now has offices in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia, France and Italy.


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Marcello Leonardi Picture BW
Marcello Leonardi

Managing Director Boost Italia S.r.l.
Sales Director Collectibles Southern Europe