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BP Holland together with Boost have launched a Summer Travel campaign. For this Summer campaign BP EU Marketing Team wanted to combine a short term and long term loyalty strategy. Therefor we have introduced an smart action mechanism. For refueling minimum 20 liters BP customers receive a discount voucher that allow them to save up to 50% discount on Travel products. This short term approach with discount vouchers we give an extra impulse by integrating Freebees (long term points).  In that way BP Freebees savers can take fully advantage of our spectacular discount offers!  Boost got the assignment to develop this concept and to develop a state of the art web shop that offers customers the possibility to redeem vouchers and buy discounted products. For the redemption part of this Summer Campaign our Category Management team did select 2 top Brands in Travel: Thule and Princess Traveller.


During the campaign period from July 3th 2019 till September 15th 2019, BP customers receive discount vouchers that allow them to save up to 50% discount on Travel products of A Brands Thule and Princess Traveller. The campaign will be further supported by a radio commercial and POS material at the 250 participating service stations.


Boost has developed an intelligent redemption portal for BP Europe, scalable up to 10 EU countries and usable for multi variable campaigns. Check our web portal via www.bpspaaractie.nl. A nice redemption portal where customers can redeem their BP discount vouchers in combination with extra Freebees points for Travel products of Thule and Princess Traveller. With an integrated back-office tool we can measure redemptions in detail up to site level.




Почему Boost

Это мир эмоций. Мы используем креативность, знание брендов и розничной торговли для создания первоклассных маркетинговых кампаний с ощутимыми результатами. Наши маркетинговые концепции влияют на поведение покупателей и делают бренды более успешными. Мы стимулируем продажи и строим тесные отношения между потребителями, брендами, клиентами и ритейлерами. 

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