Boost Group builds on strong heritage in France

10-07-2018 | in Collectibles Promotions | by Christophe Leschevin

Christophe Leschevin has been appointed as Business Development Director for France, Belgium and Luxembourg at Boost Group.

"We are happy to have with Christophe a native French expert located in Paris. Christophe has sucessfully developed innovative instant reward and loyalty solutions for Retailers and Brands for more than 15 years” states Mario Schwegler, CEO of Boost Group.

Boost builds on a strong heritage in France as many succesfull campaigns were implemented in the past few years. The Minions collectibles program “La Méchante Collection’  at Carrefour in Spain and France was even rewarded with a Loyalty Magazine Award for Best Omnichannel Loyalty Initiative of the Year.

Boost keeps innovating and has developed a full range of new solutions to engage the end consumer, with and without licenses. The latest ‘emoji summer campaign’ at Coop in Switzerland has already shown the huge success of this approach. “Boost develops campaigns for retailers, so they can tell their story and influence their end consumer in store. It is crucial that we tailor this to the retailer’s specific needs.” says Christophe Leschevin who is enthusiastic about his new position at Boost Group. “I am really looking forward to talking to new and existing customers and discuss how we can help them to achieve their goals”.

More info : Brenda van der Boom – Marketing & Communication Manager – 

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