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In the beginning of 2017  FrieslandCampina introduced Vifit Sport: a high protein recovery range of products . Sporting has a high impact on your muscles and recovery after your work-outs is very important. Vifit Sport High Protein has been developed to help your muscles recover and is best to use within 30 minutes. Vifit asked Boost to develop a high impact sampling program for the bars and drinks at the finish of larger run and ride events in the Netherlands. 


Boost introduced the Vifit Sport Lane  : an innovative event sampling concept which not only activates sporters at the finish, but also before and during their activity. At the start of large run and ride events we motivate the participant of the event with megaphones and we hand out Vifit Sport supporting flags to the spectators so they can cheer their family and friends. When the sporters reach the finish they receive a Vifit Sport sample (bar or drink) and they can take their picture on the stage. An important part of the activation is the sponsor agreement Boost arranges with the events. This gives Vifit Sport the opportunity to add extra exposure to their campaigns.


During 2017 we were are able to reach more than 70% of all adult sporters on large run and ride events, next to the media exposure of Vifit Sport thanks to sponsor agreements. We have been activating the product before, during and after the event for sporters and the audience. Due to the success we are prolonging the Vifit Sport Lane activation again in 2018.

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