New CoolBest VitaDay - vegetable juice sampling


In early June 2016 FrieslandCampina introduced its Riedel veggie & fruit juice, expanding its CoolBest VitaDay range. The new juice flavours are Red Beet, Apple, Raspberry & Blackberry, as well as Carrot, Orange, Apple & Passion Fruit. CoolBest is thereby following the current health trend in the “Fruity Drinks” category. Vegetable flavours such as carrot and red beet, however, remain rather challenging to consumers. This is why Boost was asked to design and realize an activation that could overcome initial scepticism towards these new flavours as much as possible, in order to encourage first trial and conversion. The idea was: try it and discover how delicious vegetable juice actually is.


Boost Group proposed and realized a series of instore and near-store samplings with a strong visual impact at high traffic locations and retail to launch the VitaDay Red Beet and Carrot juice. This activation featured a colourful, striking chilled-product booth with fresh vegetables and fruits. Shoppers could leave their reactions on a blackboard which resulted in many exciting reviews.


In addition to several near-store promotion days, putting up the same product booth at all Albert Heijn XLs boosted the rotation of the new CoolBest VitaDay.

This launch ensures a great introduction for the new veggie CoolBest VitaDay and has rapidly gained a large following among shoppers.


‘By introducing VitaDay Red Beet and Carrot, CoolBest aims to cater to the current health trend in fruity drinks and to enhance the niche appeal of veggie juices. The challenge for the activation was to lower resistance to vegetable flavours and to convince Dutch consumers that vegetable juices are truly delicious.  We are very satisfied with our experience working with Boost on the in and near-store demonstration that we implemented. Together, we created an experience highlighting both tasty veggie flavours and the benefits of our juices (one glass contains 200 grams of red beets). Brainstorming with Boost, a discerning, creative and professional partner, made this activation optimal. Especially the conceptual input, rapid implementation and flexibility have been vital to the success of the in and near-store demonstrations.’

Noor van der Lans, Marketing FrieslandCampina Riedel

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