Haribo Croco Sampling


Who hasn’t grown up with them? The famous Haribo icons; the coke bottle, the cherry, the peach, the little frog and of course the small gum bear. Following these unmistakable successes, Haribo introduces a new icon: Haribo Croco! The popular combination of fruity gum and sugar foam shaped like a crocodile in 5 different colours and flavours. Boost was asked to introduce as many people as possible in the Netherlands and Belgium to this new icon. It was essential to invigorate the slogan ‘Grab them before they grab you’.


Boost developed a striking activation campaign with the use of Haribo crocodile hunters. Of course, all people were given a sample to taste the new icon immediately. With this campaign, Boost visited the largest cities in the Netherlands and Belgium to achieve maximum reach. Participation in Share a Perfect Day was unmissable. Here you could not only taste Haribo Croco, but make a direct purchase too. When purchasing 2 bags, one could also win a Haribo Croco airbed, allowing a direct link to the ongoing on-pack promotion. As a final flourish, Boost developed two special events. We placed a life sized claw crane in the centre of Utrecht. Everyone could participate and if you successfully grabbed the Haribo Croco airbed out of the water, you received a fun price. In Antwerp, we mainly stimulated the curiosity and the senses of people. An enormous wooden transport box was placed in the centre and through special openings one could smell, feel, see, taste and hear the Haribo Croco experience. 


In total, we visited over 50 different locations in the Netherlands and Belgium in the spring of 2017, and many samples were distributed. The events in Utrecht and Antwerp assured additional exposure, many positive reactions and content and Share a Perfect Day enabled us to sell all the stock.

With the introduction of Haribo Croco, we wanted to add a new icon to our well-known portfolio last year. It was essential people tried and tasted the candy and this is why we chose to set up a large scale activation campaign in the Netherlands and Belgium”, says Tim Geelen, Brand Manager at Haribo. “Boost is a very flexible and creative partner who has a great feel for what was needed to make this a success. Partly thanks to this, we have been able to realise highly impactful activation in both countries regarding Haribo Croco!

And Haribo Croco? You can find them in all supermarkets in the Haribo shelf and they truly have become a new icon. 


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