Shopper Marketing

Shopper Marketing

Shoppers often act quickly and spontaneously, making purchase decisions in a matter of seconds.

We use effective activation campaigns that work towards the moment of purchase, we know the factors that affect buy/no-buy decisions, and we are involved all the way from the first light-bulb moment to the last day of the campaign, keeping close contact with brands and retailers on the lookout for new opportunities. Via our subsidiary company xsmart we have in-house expertise on the field of Mobile Marketing, E-Couponing and E-Payment.

Our shopper marketing services include instore activation, outstore promotions, sampling, product demonstrations, road shows and events, field services, and field sales.



Happy shoppers spend more

Did you know 56% of the people is likely to spend more when they feel happy

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Urs Kamberger

Head of Sales
Shopper Marketing Switzerland