Supermarchés Match starts emoji® back-to-school promotion with Boost Group

22-08-2017 | in Collectibles Promotions | by Brenda van der Boom

Supermarchés Match are giving a foretaste of the school start with a new “emoji® collectibles” campaign. This unprecedented activity makes it now possible to collect and play with the familiar digital icons offline.  

On September the 4th the first school bells starts to ring in France. A good reason for Supermarchés Match to start a back-to-school promotion with cute emoji® to collect, play with and swap. They will be available in all Supermarchés Match which are based in the north and east of France. All 117 stores present the promotion starting on Tuesday August 22nd and will run for eight weeks until Sunday October 15th, 2017. Every customer that owns a loyalty card and purchases for fifteen euros receives one flowpack with two emoji® sticker cards. The cards can be used as playing cards and the stickers can be collected in a special sticker album. When purchasing special FMCG products customers with a loyalty card will also receive a flowpack with a giant bouncy ball. For even more collecting fun, there are pencil toppers, plush and keychain as well as a collector’s box in which the playing cards can be stored.

"By choosing the emoji® license, Supermarchés Match wanted to use an emerging license with a well-defined concept to reach a transgenerational audience", Marion van Mullem, marketing & communications manager, stated. "The emoji® are not only funny little icons, they illustrate our messages on a daily basis, they are dynamic and humoristic. We rely heavily on this operation since it marks the start of the last quarter, but we are very confident! Customers expect the collectible promotion every year and we have prepared a qualitative collectible promotion thanks to the great work of our teams and the Boost team”.

Our declared objective is to transfer an idea out of the online world and into the offline world. Unlike the intangible symbols that appear on the screens of mobile phones, people can collect and play with them”, explains Mario Schwegler, CEO of the Boost Group. “Our extensive experience with collectibles and kids promotions, gives us the confidence to rely on the emotional effects of these icons.”

The emoji® portfolio includes nearly 4,000 icons that were specially developed for the license business. Six billion icons are used every day. After acquiring the official emoji® license in September 2016, the Boost Group now kicks off this first campaign in France with Supermarchés Match.  

More information about the Boost Group’s projects is available here.



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Brenda van der Boom

Head of Loyalty Solutions
Collectibles' Promotions