Boost Loyalty: Extension of strategic cooperation with Coop Supercard

31-01-2018 | in Loyalty Programs | by Michael Lausenmeyer

Steinhausen – Coop and Boost Loyalty AG are extending their cooperation in premium fulfillment for Coop Supercard for another three years. This cooperation exists since 1999 and has been extended again. The formerly pure trading relationship between Boost and Coop has grown over the past decade into a close strategic partnership. The common goal is to expand the Supercard rewards and anchor it in the Coop Supercard program.

Supercard is the loyalty program of Coop Switzerland. With their personal supercard, Coop customers can collect super points in every Coop store and redeem them for Boost premiums and attractive benefits. 

Boost offers the participants of the Coop Supercard a selection of over 500 attractive premiums, which are delivered to the customer's address thanks to Boost's sophisticated logistics. Coop customers will find the entire range of products in quarterly seasonal premium brochures and online in the Supercard Reward Shop at Whether multimedia, electrical appliances, toys or design articles, for every program participant Boost offers a suitable gift.

Coop Supercard was successfully launched in 1999 together with Boost. With over 3 million active subscribers, Supercard is today the largest multi-partner discount and customer loyalty program in Switzerland.

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