01-10-2020 | in Loyalty Programs | by Michael Lausenmeyer

Boost is the winner of an IMA GLOBAL SUMMIT AWARD 2020!

Together with our IT partner Motisha, we have won the IMA Excellence Award 2020 in the category ‘Excellence in Innovation & Technology’ in a loyalty Programme. The award was given for ‘BP Handy at Home’. 
Boost developed an intelligent redemption portal for BP Europe, scalable for up to 10 EU countries and usable for multi-variable campaigns.

You can go to our web portal via

At this attractive redemption portal, customers can redeem their BP discount vouchers in combination with extra Freebees points.

The integration of Freebees points can be highlighted as a key differentiator that results in an evidential increase in revisits, an extraordinary conversion rate and a high number of BP Freebees redeemed!

Thanks to the subtle combination of short-term (Princess discount vouchers) and long-term (Freebees points) campaign tactics, BP substantiallyincreased redemption.

With the Motisha Cloud suite platform, we offer innovative and secure quick-connect integration for faster ‘go to market’ solutions.

The white-label platform enabled BP to set up a combined short- and long-term campaign.

We can reach customers anywhere at any time via Motisha’s mobile app, with code-scan functionality and wallet integration.  

PCI compliance for secure credit card payment makes it possible to process all payments safely and securely.

The platform includes an integrated back-office tool that allows us to measure redemptions in detail up to site level.


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