Boost launches 7th edition of Garfield themed collectible program at Spar Slovenia

23-01-2019 | in Collectibles Promotions | by Marcello Leonardi

It is already the 7th edition of this ever-popular campaign. This year Boost Group launches ‘Vodna Mania’ at Spar Slovenia: a tailormade collection of 200 different stickers that can be collected in a specially designed stickeralbum.

The album and collection have been customized on the Slovenian territory, to link to the beauty and culture of the country. Due to a close cooperation with the designers from Paws, Garfield was placed in several typical Slovenian locations and could even canoe on the Slovenian lake of Blejsko, placed on the cover of the album.

The collectible campaign runs from 23 January until April 9 in all Spar Supermarkets throughout Slovenia. Every customer that purchases for 10 euro receives a flowpack with 5 stickers. Customers can also buy additional special flowpacks and tailormade Garfield merchandise in store.

Check out the SPAR website here

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Marcello Leonardi

Managing Director Boost Italia S.r.l.
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