Boost & Cactus launch campaign to stimulate kids to help protect the environment : D’Mega Öko-Gang

05-03-2019 | in Collectibles Promotions | by Brenda van der Boom

In March 2019, Boost Group launches ‘D’Mega Öko-Gang’ at Cactus in Luxembourg: a unique kids collectibles campaign that inspires kids to help animal warriors to protect the environment. The entire collection and selection of animals has been tailormade for the Luxembourg territory and the local initiatives of Cactus.

With every 15 euro spend, customers receive a flowpack with 2 stickercards. The 120 stickers can be collected in a high quality hardcover album and the cards go into a collector box, which can also be downloaded from the Cactus website. With the Cactus Mega Öko Gang App kids can bring the members of the gang to live in AR and play with them!

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The campaign materials were of course designed and produced with the environment taken into account:
-        All materials used are made of FSC recycled paper.
-        The use of stickercards makes sure that the back of the sticker can be used as well : as a card.
-        A sustainable hardcover album, of recycled paper, that can be used and for a very long time.

The Mega Öko-Gang campaign runs from 5 March until 28 April in all Cactus Supermarkets throughout Luxembourg.

Check out the Cactus website here

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