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Boost and UNGA Agreement

03-09-2019 | Collectibles Promotions

Boost and Unga B.V. are happy to announce that their court case with regards to the rights in Little Shop and Mini Mania has come to a conclusion. Both parties are happy to end litigation. It is understood between parties that, on a global level, Unga and Boost will amicably co-exist with Little Shop and Mini Mania respectively. No further comments will be given.

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Emoji Stuxx Completer

ALDI starts first nationwide emoji®-campaign with Boost in Germany

02-09-2019 | Collectibles Promotions

ALDI Nord und ALDI Süd gehen erstmals gemeinschaftlich mit einer maßgeschneiderten Sammelaktion am 02. September an den Start. Boost Deutschland GmbH mit Sitz in Ratingen (bei Düsseldorf) verantwortet Entwicklung und Umsetzung der emoji®-Sammelaktion bei Deutschlands führendem Discounter.

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Boost Group strengthens its presence in Germany

26-08-2019 | Collectibles Promotions

The Boost Group, service provider in the marketing and sales promotion sector throughout Europe, is strengthening its position in Germany. Following on from branches in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, and China, Boost Deutschland GmbH has now been established. Based in Ratingen, an experienced team is now advising and developing clients in the German-speaking region as well. And the first major campaign nationwide in Germany is about to get launched.

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Boost launches first WWF campaign in Russian retail

27-06-2019 | Collectibles Promotions

A unique cooperation between Karusel, WWF and Boost: WWF Plush in a bowl.

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