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Boost launches first WWF campaign in Russian retail

27-06-2019 | Collectibles Promotions

A unique cooperation between Karusel, WWF and Boost: WWF Plush in a bowl.

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SuperFoodies launched for Esselunga in Italy

13-05-2019 | Collectibles Promotions

Esselunga, innovation leader in Southern Europe, launches Super Foodies in Italy.

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Boost & Cactus launch campaign to stimulate kids to help protect the environment : D’Mega Öko-Gang

05-03-2019 | Collectibles Promotions

In March 2019, Boost Group launches ‘D’Mega Öko-Gang’ at Cactus in Luxembourg: a unique kids collectibles campaign that inspires kids to help animal warriors to protect the environment. The entire collection and selection of animals has been tailormade for the Luxembourg territory and the local initiatives of Cactus.

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Boost launches 7th edition of Garfield themed collectible program at Spar Slovenia

23-01-2019 | Collectibles Promotions

It is already the 7th edition of this ever-popular campaign. This year Boost Group launches ‘Vodna Mania’ at Spar Slovenia: a tailormade collection of 200 different stickers that can be collected in a specially designed stickeralbum.

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