Supermarchés Match starts emoji® back-to-school promotion with the Boost Group

On September the 4th the first school bells starts to ring in France. A good reason for Supermarchés Match to start a back-to-school promotion with cute emoji® to collect, play with and swap. They will be available in all Supermarchés Match which are based in the north and east of France. More

WWF International and Boost Group start a new collaboration

For the past 56 years, WWF International has pursued its mission of stopping the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and building a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. More

New study confirms: collectibles promotions with emojis are a purchasing criterion for mothers and children

Emojis are delightful, and not only for smartphone users: retailers can likewise profit from the unique charm of these emotionally inspiring symbols. Collectibles promotions with emoji motifs can help supermarkets and retail chains attract strong attention in two target groups that are decisively important for the purchasing decision: mothers, and... More

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