Menzis Samengezond


SamenGezond challenges you to make healthy choices and gives you tips, advice and solutions to make you feel fitter. The program offers online coaching, peronal weekly goals and much more to help you make healthy choices easier and more fun. You can participate at any time and at you own pace. This makes healthy living easier than you think. The loyalty and health program ‘SamenGezond’ wants to motivate participants to make healthy choices and reward them for it. 


SamenGezond wants to encourage their customers to live healthier with the 'SamenGezond' app. "If you live a healthy life, you feel better about yourself and you have more energy. We believe that everyone can contribute to this and we want to reward this commitment." SamenGezond points are earned in different ways; keep track of your walk or bike ride, to achieve theme-related goals (e.g. drink more water, fewer snacks) or a lifestyle test. The amount of points the participants get is based on the effort made. You can exchange saved points in the webshop for fun items or a day out with attractive Discounts.

SamenGezond’ webshop:

Savings targets must be achievable within an acceptable timeframe for the participant. That is why a combination of luxury items and "necessities" is shown in the webshop. Participants prefer useful articles that they already use. On the other hand, participants expect luxury items as a reward for participating in the loyalty program. The total discount per item depends on how many points participants have and whether they are insured with Menzis, Anderzorg or Hema.


SamenGezond is the largest health program in the Netherlands with more than 400,000 participants.

Together with Menzis, Boost will improve the loyalty platform "SamenGezond" to a unique and real trendsetter in the market, which gives great satisfaction to the partners and participants. With a similar approach and adapted scenario, Boost wants to approach other sectors both nationally and internationally.



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