Menzis Samengezond


Research by Smith and Sparks shows that redemption is essential for the success of loyalty programs. Only then the value of the program will be experienced by the customer. A very good example is the British supermarket chain Tesco. This company has been successful for years with their loyalty program. How do they do that? Tesco emphasises the importance of cashing. Tesco sees non-redemption as an organisational failure.

The mission of Menzis for its loyalty program ‘SamenGezond’ is to focus on redemption, make the difference visible with an attractive gift assortment.


Menzis wants to encourage their clients to live healthier with ‘SamenGezond’. "If you live healthy, you feel better about yourself and have more energy. We believe that everyone can contribute to this and we want to recognise those efforts. “Additionally, Menzis will use ‘SamenGezond’ to reward loyal customers. A participant receives points for the number of years insured at Menzis. The reward should be in balance with the performed effort. For  low-involvement products, a discount or another advantage will be given quickly. Savings goals should be achievable within an acceptable timeframe and effort for the participant. Therefore a combination of luxurious items and "necessities" is shown in the web shop. Participants prefer useful articles that they already need. On the other hand, participants expect luxurious items as a reward according to higher demands of the loyalty program.


Participants can save points in several ways with ‘SamenGezond’: for example by not smoking, completing questionnaires about one’s lifestyle, using Runkeeper or sharing pictures of healthy moments. There are 4 categories: ‘move’, ‘feeling good’, ‘take care of someone else’ and ‘member of Menzis’. Accumulated points can be spent on all kinds of fun products and day trips from the new Menzis ‘SamenGezond’ web shop:

Each participant has the possibility to set a savings goal on the web shop of ‘SamenGezond’. If someone does not have enough points to buy a product, he or she can make a savings goal of this product. One can see quickly how many points should be saved until the desired product can be ordered. Together with Menzis, Boost will develop this ‘SamenGezond’ loyalty platform towards a unique and real trendsetter in the market, giving much satisfaction to the partners and participants. With a similar approach and adapted screenplay, Boost wants to approach other sectors both nationally as internationally.

Why Boost

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