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Bouwmaat, established in 1986, is a successful wholesale business for professionals in the repair, renovation and maintenance market. Their 46 stores in The Netherlands provide everything in the field of construction, wood, plumbing, electricity, tools, hardware, paint and kitchens. Bouwmaat has the largest web-shop in construction materials, offering over 13.500 items. The target group of Bouwmaat are professionals (“vakmannen”) working in the repair, renovation and maintenance business. Bouwmaat currently offers a loyalty program whose objective is long term engagement with its customers.

Why a new loyalty concept? 

The main challenges of the current Bouwmaat loyalty program are that it is not deployable across all channels, insufficiently distinctive and hardly contributing to price perception. Research has shown that the program does not meet the customers’ needs anymore, whilst it lacks options to take advantage of the commercial opportunities. For that reason, Bouwmaat has decided to develop a new, omnichannel loyalty program that fits the current and future needs of both the organization and its customers. 

The result

Boost has created an nice and intelligent redemption portal for Bouwmaat, check via This web-shop offers more than 500 gifts to the customer and is constantly updated with new and attractive seasonal products.


Today’s consumer expects convenience. Single Sign-On (SSO) makes it easy for website and mobile users to register/log-in by creating an account. Customers no longer need to stick stamps, but save digitally and automatically. So it has become a lot easier. Digital loyalty points can now also be exchanged for Bouwmaat range, both in the stores and in the loyalty web-shop. 

That is smarter saving at Bouwmaat!

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