BELL- Summer Goodies Stamp Card


The tried-and-tested Bell Schweiz Grill & Win campaign of recent years will aim at providing further rewards to loyal customers and motivate them to buy the company's products. This was to be achieved by a simple, digital loyalty programme. With this project there has been strong focus on ensuring that all interested parties can participate. The service will be offered as a multichannel solution (smartphone app, SMS and postal distribution).


Ongoing loyalty programs are often regarded by consumers as impossible to achieve, and as a result they don't even think about starting to collect points in the first place. Boost provided a different solution: a staggered loyalty card to counteract this. Bell makes it possible for every customer to order an initial premium from only 10 points. And if customers see the opportunity to achieve 20 or even 30 points, they will continue to collect points so that they can receive the more valuable premium.


The solution is based on the BOOST Digital Loyalty Platform from xsmart. This enables Bell to benefit from the special features of this tried-and-tested platform such as controlled push messages as a reminder, or the spontaneous granting of bonus points (e.g. during rainy days).

In addition to retaining and increasing its loyal customers, Bell also benefits from a high download rate for its own app during the campaign. In this way Bell can ensure that it remains in contact with its customers in the future, too.

Why Boost

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