emoji® collectibles campaign

Coop starts the first big emoji® collectibles campaign with Boost Group

The Boost Group launched the first custom-tailored emoji® collectibles idea for Coop a few days ago. This unprecedented promotion makes possible, for the first time in Switzerland, to transform the popular icons into physical figurines and to bring these collectibles onto the market. This was achieved by Boost, the leading provider of services in the fields of marketing and sales promotion.  

Starting on April 15, 2017, twenty-four cute emojis® to collect, play with and swap will be available in all  Coop Supermarkets, Coop City Warehouses, at coop@home, Coop Bau + Hobby, and in Coop Restaurant. Also known as “Stuxx,” emojis® are little suction-cup figurines that can be used to express all kinds of emotions. Boost developed “Schwiizer,” a new emoji® figurine especially for this promotion, together with Coop and the emoji company GmbH. Schwiizer loves the mountains and cheese, he’s always cheerful, and he’s unmistakably Swiss thanks to the white cross on his red face. For even more collecting fun, there is also a collector’s box in which the figurines can be stored when they’re not in use. The tidy arrangement inside the storage box instantly shows which emojis® are doubles and which ones are still missing. The box also contains two board games and many other ideas for playing with emojis®. Coop customers receive one free figurine for every twenty Swiss francs they spend. Alternatively, the cute figurines are also available for purchase.

The emoji® portfolio includes nearly 5,000 icons that were specially developed for the license business. Six billion icons are used every day. After acquiring the famous official emoji® licence in September 2016, the Boost Group now kicks off this first campaign for Coop CH together with the marketing and creative team.

Overview of all emoji®

”Our declared objective was to transfer an idea out of the online world and into the offline world. Unlike the intangble symbols that flash onto the screens of mobile phones, people can hold these physical emojis® in their hands, play with them, and attach them anywhere thanks to the built-in suction cup,” explains Mario Schwegler, CEO of the Boost Group. “Our extensive experience gives us the confidence to rely on the emotional effects of these icons. We predict that this campaign will develop into one of the world’s biggest collectibles activities of all times.”  

“emojis® can now be used not only to express one’s emotions, but also to communicate messages. We believe that this promotion will appeal not only to children and teenagers, but also to adults. Everyone will be eager to collect  emojis®, says Helmut Träris-Stark, Director Marketing Projects at Coop CH. “Right from the start, we were enthusiastic about Boost’s idea of producing emojis® in the form of suction-cup figurines that people can collect and also play with. We are very curious to see how the market responds and how quickly the emoji® mania will spread.”



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