LENTA – Smurf figurines


As its first collectibles' promotion, Russian retailer Lenta wanted to launch a recognizable and above all fun campaign. Boost provided a concept to reinforce the retailer's campaign using  the famous blue friends, the Smurfs, has been chosen.


The mechanism: by spending 1000 RUR on groceries in-store or buying one of the participating FMCG products, customers received one of the fifteen different Smurf figurines. As a special, Lenta also gave away golden Smurfs on special days. Shoppers who obtained these golden Smurfs had the chance to win special prizes.

In order to stimulate children to collect and play with the Smurf figurines Boost developed a special collecting box. This contained a map of the Smurf village and a game to be played with the Smurfs. The flow packs cointaining the Smurfs were also available separately in the Lenta stores to buy.


Boost and Lenta together launched a strong concept. A significant increase in the sales numbers of the participating FMCG products reveals the success of this promotion.


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