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In October and November of 2017, Boost had the honor of arranging the first ever collectibles’ promotion for all Globus Hypermarkets in the Moscow area. Globus had involved Procter & Gamble as a general sponsor for this collectibles promotion and asked Boost to come up with a safe and strong carrier. The goal of this collectibles promotion’ was to not only surprise all of their costumers, but also to boost sales and increase loyalty. 


The solution was Globus Beans. A tailormade collectibles promotion consisting of 20 unique beans and an complimentary slider and bean bag. Every bean had his own story, which was told not only in the available folders, but also on a specially developed encyclopedia online. The collection of beans appeals to both girls and boys, as their characters consist of masculine and girly looks.

With every purchase of 1500 Rubles, customers received a flowpack with one ‘cool’ bean. Boost and Globus developed several POS materials to activate the promotion instore. In addition we organized special swap-days in store and even a special glow-in-the-dark bean was added to the collection, which was only available on November 28th.


Despite really short timings, Boost was able to service Globus with a tailor made collectibles’ promotion and proved to be a flexible and quick partner, in close cooperation with several parties.
The collectibles’ promotion gained a lot of exposure. Over 12.000 people posted about their Globus Beans on social media and more than 4.000.000 people saw the commerial.
This form of promotion is very successful. It has gained plenty of positive comments from parents and their kids. Of course, we liked the program!” states Globus.

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