CACTUS Mega ÖKO - Gang


The main goal of Cactus, in the search for a new loyalty campaign, was to educate kids in a light and fun on sustainability and to increase awareness for this topic. With kids being the customers of the future, they can learn today how to act to preserve nature, also later in life.
Furthermore it was important that the set-up of the campaign was connected to local nature, to make it as relevant as possible for the Luxembourg customers.


In close cooperation with Cactus, Boost developed the “Mega ÖKO- Gang”. A tailormade sustainable license and story about a team of animals with superpowers (and their villain counterparts) that help kids to protect nature. Each chosen animal has his natural habitat in Luxembourg and each was connected to one of the themes that Cactus wanted to highlight in their campaign, such as food waste, biodiversity and water protection.

During a period of 8 weeks, customers received a flowpack with 2 stickercards at the spend of 15 euro, to be collected in a tailormade stickeralbum and gamecard collector box. In addition, the Mega ÖKO-Gang app was developed, to enhance playability and bring the special Mega ÖKO-Gang characters to life in augmented reality.


The campaign was highly successful and appealed to both boys and girls. Kids indicated that they wanted to learn about the environment and appreciated the characters and the fun twist. Participation was extremely high and the awareness in Luxembourg as a whole rose above 75%.
Furthermore the campaign attributed to the local and sustainable image of Cactus and shows that a tailormade license can be even more successful than the well-known movie licenses.





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