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Retailer COOP was looking for a collectibles’ promotion with a high entertainment aspect and a strong licence to increase sales, frequency at the POS and the average basket size. Helmut Träris-Stark, Director Marketing Projects at Coop Switzerland states: “For the campaign of this year we searched for a unique way to reward our valuable customers, something with the power to excite not only kids between 4 and 12 but also the entire family including teenagers and adults.“ 


For this purpose Boost Group developed a strong concept dedicated to children, teenagers and adults using the exclusive emoji icons. For every purchase of 20 CHF at Coop customers received a flow pack with the  emoji figurine with a small suction-cup to collect, play with and swap. For the first time in Switzerland the popular icons were transformed into 24 physical figurines including “Schwiizer,” a new emoji® figurine developed especially for this promotion.  Swiss emoji fans could also buy the dedicated emoji game,  the collector box to store them and the missing figurines to complete the collection as well as dedicated merchandising articles.  


«Die emoji kommen!» was in store at Coop supermarktes, Coop City Warenhaus, coop@home, Coop Bau + Hobby and Coop Restaurants for 6 weeks in more than 980 stores in Switzerland to reward customers with more than 36 million flow packs. 

Boost Group developed and produced all campaign-related contents, materials and games. The marketing campaign was synchronised and ran short before the launch of the Sony “The emoji movie”.

Watch the TV spot by COOP:

Thanks to this collectibles’ promotion, COOP was able to activate families, attract new customers and encourage existing customers to spend more. Helmut Träris-Stark, Director Marketing Projects at Coop Switzerland: “All expectations were exeded. Together with Boost Group we were able to increase footfall at the POS and reward our customers with a remarkable concept. This was one of the best promotions we have been implementing below-the-line in recent years in terms of enhancing customer loyalty, surprise families and uplifting sales in the short term.”



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