About Boost

We are an international marketing company with a deep-rooted knowledge of shoppers behaviour and retail. Our vision is to become the number one marketing and sales service provider in Europe. Our mission is our passion: activate shoppers to elevate sales.

We supply creative marketing solutions to clients including FMCG brands, retailers, DIY and electronics chains, pharmaceutical companies, petrol and automotive companies, media agencies, financial institutions, and the telecom and energy sectors.

We have just over 250 full-time office employees.

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Our people

Committed to customer eagerness
Everyone working with Boost is committed to inspiring customer eagerness. more

Our philosophy

Activating shoppers, elevating sales
Our shopper marketing campaigns, collectibles promotions and effective loyalty programs are powerful. more

Our history

Driven by innovation and growth
Marketers found Boost to activate shoppers and elevate sales. more

"Boosters always have the ambition to go further than others"

MichaelReinwald oJ BQsw

Michael Reinwald

Executive Chairman

RetoVonzun oJ BQsw

Reto Vonzun


MarioSchwegler oJ BQsw

Mario Schwegler

Member of the Board

MarioHrastnig oJ BQsw

Mario Hrastnig

Member of the Board

Boudewijn vNieu oJ BQsw

Boudewijn van Nieuwenhuijzen

Managing Director Shopper Marketing Netherlands

Member of the Board

MichaelLausenm oJ BQsw

Michael Lausenmeyer

Managing Director Loyalty Programs 

Member of the Board

GeraldMueller oJ BQsw

Gerald Müller

Managing Director Shopper Marketing Switzerland

RobCox oJ BQsw2

Rob Cox

Finance Director Benelux

2012 UrsKamberger bn klein

Urs Kamberger

Key Account Manager

Jason BN

Jason Tian

Head of Sourcing

2016 CiaffoneTiziano bn

Tiziano Ciaffone

Client Service Manager

Jim BW

Jim Krijnen

Global Purchasing Director


Michiel van den Berghe

Legal & Licence Manager


Mikhail Kuleshov

Sales Director Russia & CIS


Brenda van der Boom

Marketing & Communication Manager

rose van der berg zw2

Rose van den Berg

Client Service Manager Shopper Marketing NL

2012 Fabienne Sirusas bn klein

Fabienne Gisler

Key Account Manager

Matthias C zw 0

Matthias Lüber

Junior Manager IT Support

Lucien BW

Lucien Diepstraten

Account Manager Loyalty Programs


Walther Merckx

Transport Specialist

Boost Robin Poppelier ZW

Robin Poppelier

Sales & Business Development Shopper Marketing NL

Adam Gaweda

Adam Gaweda

International Sales Manager 
Collectibles' Promotions

2016 WittingerJanine bn

Janine Renggli

Client Service Teamleader 

Boost Kim Verschuren ZW

Kim Verschuren

Sales & Business Development Shopper Marketing NL

Boost Michael Oosthoek ZW

Michaël Oosthoek

Sales & Business Development Shopper Marketing NL

Marcello Leonardi Picture BW

Marcello Leonardi

Sales Director Collectibles Southern Europe


We are well on the way to becoming Europe’s leading provider of innovative sales and marketing services, so there’s always room for talented creative professionals at our local and international offices. You will find details of specific vacancies at www.boostjobs.eu. We always look for people willing to make things really happen.

At the office

Do you have the talent to tap into your creativity and find innovative marketing solutions that can satisfy the targets of our clients? We regularly seek new Boosters for our offices in Switzerland and the Netherlands. When a specific job is available, we will post this on our job site: www.boostjobs.eu.

If you haven’t found a job that matches your ambition, please feel free to send us a message with your CV.

View our office jobs at Boostjobs.eu

Jobs in the field

Each week, we carry out hundreds of campaigns for dozens of top brands and retailers. So we are always on the lookout for ambitious promotions staff, shop demonstrators, models, merchandisers, sales & call agents and other field professionals. Looking for a flexible first or second job, and brimming with enthusiasm? If yes, register at www.boostjobs.eu still today.

View our field jobs at Boostjobs.eu