Our People

We call ourselves Boosters.

We are entrepreneurial marketeers who go all out to convince brands and shoppers. We believe in the power of creative teamwork, innovative entrepreneurialism and operational excellence. We are ambitious, no-nonsense, results-focused people who will always go the extra mile. We love brands.

Boost has 250 full-time employees. Below you find some of our Boosters:

MichaelReinwald oJ BQsw

Michael Reinwald

Executive Chairman

RetoVonzun oJ BQsw

Reto Vonzun


MarioSchwegler oJ BQsw

Mario Schwegler

Member of the Board

MarioHrastnig oJ BQsw

Mario Hrastnig

Member of the Board

MichaelLausenm oJ BQsw

Michael Lausenmeyer

Managing Director Loyalty Programs 

Member of the Board


Dr. Gerald Müller

Managing Director Shopper Marketing Switzerland

Member of the Board


Els de Sweemer

Managing Director APAC
Collectibles' Promotions

2012 UrsKamberger bn klein

Urs Kamberger

Head of Sales
Shopper Marketing Switzerland


Brenda van der Boom

Head of Loyalty Solutions
Collectibles' Promotions

Corne Dogge EQ9T3618

Corné Dogge

Head of Analytics & Insights
Collectibles' Promotions


Catrin Hardung

Director Key-Account Management

& Business Development D-A-CH


Jason BN

Jason Tian

Head of Sourcing


Mikhail Kuleshov

Sales Director Russia & CIS

2012 Fabienne Sirusas bn klein

Fabienne Gisler

Key Account Manager

Jim BW

Jim Krijnen

Global Purchasing Director

Lucien BW

Lucien Diepstraten

Account Manager Loyalty Programs