Boost launches first WWF campaign in Russian retail

27-06-2019 | in Collectibles Promotions | by Ekaterina Pavlova

A unique cooperation between Karusel, WWF and Boost:  WWF Plush in a bowl.

The topics of sustainabilty and ecological responsibility have started to appear more often on the agenda of Russian retailers. In June this year, X5 Retail Group together with other industry players, signed a Memorandum on sustainable development that highlights food sourcing and plastic waste management. And now, “Karusel” – a hypermarket banner of X5 – has displayed the adherence to these principles by running their newest short-term loyalty campaign.

Shoppers of “Karusel” are offered a collection of gift sets that consist of a plush toy in a ceramic bowl branded by the famous “panda” and certified by WWF. The collection has been designed specifically for Russia and contains six most endangered local animals.

The main goal for WWF is to increase the awareness of consumers about nature and animals. With this campaign, we can draw attention of a great number of the retailer’s customers to the problem of protection of main endangered animals in Russia.

This campaign runs between June, 24th and October, 27th 2019. For each 350 Rub. spend at Karusel, the customers receive a stamp. With 70 stamps in a leaflet the customer can obtain a WWF gift set with a discount of 90%. The customers can receive additional stamps by purchasing the goods of the sponsors. Upon the purchase of each set, 5 Rubles will be transferred to WWF to support “The National Forest Heritage” project.

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